Evolution Of An Eiffel Tower Cork Board

Evolution Of An Eiffel Tower Cork Board

Sometimes thrift store makeovers don’t go over as well as hoped the first time around. This Eiffel Tower corkboard evolved after a couple of makeovers didn’t sell.

When I bought this frame at a thrift store, it was gold with a pretty floral print. The gold was dull and dreary, so I dry-brushed white paint to highlight the details. I decided to try selling it with the print, but after a while, realized it just wasn’t appealing to anyone but me.

So, I reluctantly removed the print and the glass, left the frame in its mini makeover state, and inserted a piece of cork, also found at a thrift store. Cork is expensive, so I buy old cork boards whenever I see them while thrifting, as long as they are in good shape.

I had a few people look at it, but no sale after a couple of months, so I brought it home yet again. And that brings us to today. This time, I decided to completely paint and glaze the frame. I know it seems pretty boring that I keep using the same milk paint and glaze, but that’s what seems to sell best for me.

Here you can see one corner in the process. See how the glaze brings out the details? For a frame this size, I apply glaze to one side, then wipe off the excess, trying not to overlap the adjacent sides. Otherwise, the overlap will be evident as a darker area. I haven’t done it yet in this picture, but I completely wipe away any of the glazes that go beyond the diagonal corner line before moving to the next side.

After applying a clear coat, I reinserted the cork so that I would know exactly where to transfer the graphic. You have seen this Eiffel Tower graphic here before, on the fabric-covered memo board, and on the Eiffel Tower coffee table.

DIY Eiffel Tower Cork Board- PlumDoodles.com

For this transfer (using Doodle Magic, of course) I added “Paris” along the side.

I considered making La Tour Eiffel larger but decided that keeping it small would allow notes and pictures to be tacked to the board without obscuring the graphic.

Maybe the third time is the charm? Ever been to Paris? Invite me along next time.