Painted French Country End Table with Postcard Graphics

Painted French Country End Table with Postcard Graphics

Howdy, howdy! I know you’ve been holding your breath for the big reveal, so here goes. What? What big reveal, you ask? Oh, ok, it’s going to be that way. Huh. Actually, I’m pretty excited about how this French Country end table turned out.

French Country End Table Painted and Glazed |

This is the end table I was working on while sharing with you the Three Steps and Three Tips for Glazing Furniture.

The table was already painted when I bought it, but it was off-white with yellow undertones. And you know how much I dislike yellow undertones, even to the point of remaking our bedroom curtains.

So, I sanded and primed the table with Rust-oleum gray primer, my new favorite primer, as mentioned in my canister set makeover.

Rustoleum Gray Primer on French Country End Table |

I painted a couple of coats of General Finishes Milk Paint in white, sanding between coats- the perfect time to use the secret to getting a smooth finish.  I distressed lightly here and there, then glazed, as mentioned above.

French Country End Table Painted White and Glazed |
French Country End Table Glazed and Painted |

Notice anything in that last picture? I added postcard graphics from Graphics Fairy to the top of the end table.

Graphics Transfer on French Country End Table |

I inserted two different postcard graphics into Publisher and overlapped and rotated them until I was satisfied with the way they looked. Oh, I also drew a box around each postcard so the edges would show up clearly. Karen has several postcards in her stash- just do a search on postcards to pick your faves.

Print or copy on a machine using toner-based ink, then transfer using your favorite method, such as Doodle MagicIf you’re using a graphic with wording, make sure to reverse the image for transferring.

I don’t know if you can tell in the picture, but I lightly rubbed a bit of glaze along the right and bottom edges of the postcards to give the illusion of a shadow, very subtle.

Brush on a couple of coats of clear varnish and it’s done!

White French Country End Table |

I forgot to mention, I also sprayed the drawer pulls with gray primer, then dry brushed the details with the white paint. Finished up with a coat of clear spray varnish.

This is probably my favorite project so far. Something about those postcards just makes me smile. What project have you done that most make you smile?