Purple, White, And Silver Themed Christmas Tree

Purple, White, And Silver Themed Christmas Tree

My purple, white, and silver-themed Christmas tree is up, thanks to dear friends who came to decorate with me. I have the hardest time decorating a Christmas tree each year. I enjoy putting out a few other things, but the tree just depresses me. Probably because my kids live so far away and aren’t taking part in the decorating. Having a relaxed tree decorating party is a great picker-upper for us empty nesters. 🙂

Purple silver white themed Christmas tree ornaments- PlumDoodles.com

My friends Susan and Shay came over with Shay’s children (Susan’s grandchildren). First up were the purple and lavender balls with names of Jesus on them. My friend Lisa lettered them for me years ago.

Decorating the Christmas tree- Shay-Benjamin- PlumDoodles.com

We decided not to use the blue ornaments that I usually add, instead opting for a purple, white, and silver themed Christmas tree.

Christmas decorating with friends- PlumDoodles.com
Christmas Decorating Party 2015- PlumDoodles.com
Christmas tree decorating with friends- PlumDoodles.com

Lydia also decorated a couple of small trees around the house.

Decorating the little Christmas tree-PlumDoodles.com

Elizabeth gets snuggles from her nanny.

Fun at Christmas decorating party- PlumDoodles.com

I mostly stood back and watched, but I did make some treats, Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies and Cinnamon Brittle Candy. Sugar high included, no extra charge. Open-mouthed smile

This just may be my favorite tree ever.

Purple-lavender-white-silver-flocked-Christmas-tree- PlumDoodles.com

After dark:

Purple White Silver Themed Christmas Tree

To add a little height, I had placed the tree in the DIY Wicker Basket with Wheels that usually holds the throw pillows from our bed. Remember how we covered up the fake tree trunk?

Christmas tree in basket decorated with shades of purple white silver- PlumDoodles.com

Having a smaller tree meant paring down on some of the ornaments, but we were able to use a surprising number of them by layering them at different depths along the branches.

Purple White Silver Christmas ornaments- PlumDoodles.com

I didn’t buy a prelit tree this year. I’m wondering if lights with white wires would have looked better than the green on the flocked tree.

I know my purple, white, and silver themed tree isn’t everyone’s taste, but I. Love. This. Tree!

Purple lavender Christmas tree- PlumDoodles.com

I’m so glad that I admitted to my friends that I was feeling a bit down about decorating our Christmas tree. If I hadn’t said anything, they wouldn’t have known to reach out. Thank you, Susan, Shay, Joseph, Miriam, Benjamin, Lydia, and Elizabeth for making this such a wonderful day for me. Love you guys!