DIY Message Center or Jewelry Display

DIY Message Center or Jewelry Display

What can you do with a lone drawer and a piece of the gutter guard? Yep, gutter guard. How about a DIY message center or jewelry display?

Drawer message center Jewelry Display | Plum Doodles

I bought a small coffee table at a thrift store with the intention of painting it. It needed more work than I realized, though, so I decided to use it for parts.  The drawer would be perfect for this little project.

Coffee Table Drawer | Plum Doodles

Since the drawer front extends past the drawer box, I had to screw some scrap pieces of wood to the back of the drawer so that it would hang flat against the wall.

Drawer back | Plum Doodles

My sister and brother-in-law own a gutter business and sometimes they’re hired to replace the gutter guard. I snagged a few pieces of the old stuff, thinking surely I could do something with it. I had to flatten the raised edge with pliers.

Gutter Guard

I trimmed it to the width of my drawer, plus a little extra to fold under in order to minimize sharp edges. I painted both the drawer and the gutter guard. (Set aside the gutter guard for now.)

Added a cute little knob (another thrift store find):

Drawer knob

I cut a piece of cork board (from yet another thrift store purchase) to fit inside the drawer, covered it with drop cloth and transferred a graphic from Graphics Fairy. I glued it into the drawer with wood glue and set a few cans of paint on top to clamp it while the glue dried. (Hot glue would have been quicker and easier.)

Fabric covered cork board | Plum Doodles

Still with me? Not much more to go. I stapled the gutter guard into place along the drawer front and up the sides.

Gutter Guard stapled to drawer

To cover the edges, I braided some jute twine and hot glued it along the sides and bottom.

Braided jute trim | Plum Doodles

I could have extended the jute across the top, but decided to use some trim leftover from the peek-a-boo lamp shade.

Ruffle trim on gutter guard | Plum Doodles
DIY message center jewelry display | Plum Doodles

Hang it on a wall, tuck a few memo pads and pens inside the newly created pocket, and use a blingy pin to post a note on the board.

Or, tuck your bracelets or scarves into the pocket and hang earrings on the gutter guard. Use those same blingy pins to hang necklaces.

Whew! And there you have it, a two-for-one project. Would you use it as a diy message center or jewelry display? Or scratch your head and wonder what was she thinking? Winking smile